We still need to take back control

Dear Sir, — Brexit has so far cost £4.4bn of the taxpayers money. The Government has appointed 22,000 staff to oversee the negotiations at a cost of £2bn.
I have no doubt that his process has not been value for money.
Britain is at loggerheads with Brussels after round one, the first round of trade talks. Both Britain and the EU warned of serious and significant differences during the first round of talks, on 5th March, albeit there were some common grounds, but Boris did warn the EU that he would never surrender such things as fishing rights.
Britain wants a Norwegian-style deal, but the EU indicated that it would insist that fisheries was part of the package, along with the acceptance of the role of the EU judges, the UK remaining aligned to EU rules on goods and remaining a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as judges at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg having a role over cases involving EU citizens in Britain.
Mr Barnier also warned that a deal on security would be impossible unless the UK remained a signatory to the EU Convention.
Downing Street has said that in some areas there has been a degree of understanding, but failed to mention that this understanding is linked to the four conditions as related to the UK by the EU.
Thank goodness that the PM has indicated he will be taking back control on 31st December, and that this was more important than a trade deal.
The whole point of the Brexit vote was to regain our sovereignty, so what part of this did the EU not understand? We wanted to restore our independence.
Reasonability appears to have “gone out of the window”, but as I have asked in several of my letters, why could we not return to the common market? This was obviously supported by the UK and the EU. — Yours faithfully,