We were promised better rail service

Dear Sir, — On Sunday, Congleton had a railway replacement bus service.
Naively one might assume that this would actually pick up at Congleton Station or at least have signs up at the station saying where the buses would actually stop or even inform you where the buses will stop if you buy tickets in advance. 
No, wrong: by magic one has to know that the buses will pick passengers up on the main road nominally at the bus stops, and for consistency there are no signs at the bus stops either. 
The buses stop at the bus stop for a very short time, so if you are not in that exact spot you have no chance of catching them.
Please note that along with the car park ticket machines not working and the electronic train timetable towards Manchester not working properly, often the ticket machines do not work either. 
So if one needs to pick up tickets from the station I would recommend picking these up while the station clerk is there, as he — unlike the rest of Northern Rail’s set-up — is very helpful.
Last year Congleton’s public was promised a much improved rail service, by Northern Rail, our MP Fiona Bruce and of course the Conservative Party. Even excluding the above this hasn’t really occurred has it? — Yours faithfully,