What about people on mobility scooters?

Dear Sir, — The article “No inquiry into cycle bridge that has steps” in Sandbach mentions Cheshire East’s statements, for example that it “was installed some time ago”. This might serve to dilute its significance. 
It’s worth noting that the steps were queried during construction in May 2017. It took the local authority exactly two years to clarify the situation and only after launching an official complaint during the later stages.
The statement also says that: “While cyclists will need to dismount ... cyclists can use this access route safely.” 
Cyclists (and only those who are able bodied) can use the bridge “safely” when adapting to the circumstances, ie carrying the bike, and converting to a pedestrian.
A cyclist cannot use the bridge safely.
The statement does not mention the problems for users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. — Yours faithfully,

Cycling UK,