What if final funds don’t materialise?

Dear Sir, — Reference your report this week on pages one and 28, regarding the Congleton Link Road.
How is it possible that a contract can be signed with Graham Construction, without “final funding” from the Government being approved?
What if the Government does not provide the funds — who is responsible for the shortfall?
Or, is the report that a contract has been signed, incorrect? — Yours faithfully,

Both facts are correct. The contract has been signed, the council is still waiting for news of final funding. 
The road is estimated to cost £90.8m, £5.6m of which has already been incurred by Cheshire East. The department of transport will contribute £45m from the Cheshire and Warrington Growth Deal. A further £16.5m will be paid by the council, with the final £23.7m coming from housing developer contributions.
In March, the department for transport approved the orders needed to improve the roads, stop-up roads, construct a new road, stop-up access to premises and provide new means of access to premises, in the vicinity of the route of the A536 Congleton Link Road. We assume it would not do this if the funding was not on its way…
Work is scheduled to begin in November and completion is expected in late 2020. — Editor.

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