What to consider  if there is no deal

Dear Sir, — I note that your article on the Brexit White Paper in last week’s Chronicle contains a quote by our MP Fiona Bruce that, “my overriding reason for voting as I did was to recover our sovereignty”.
Many people did likewise, though perhaps not completely understanding the full implications of doing so.
Perhaps they might wish to consider these before finally committing the country to leaving without a deal that is looking increasingly likely.
There is little doubt that were this to happen, we would be poorer with less influence in the world at a time when many countries look to us as a mature, civilised and democratic society.
There is also little doubt that many young people who did not have the opportunity to vote on this issue will either emigrate or be content to live their lives with less material wealth than many of those who voted for it now have.
We live in a global inter-connected world, very different from even 20 years ago and the future will change even more rapidly with unforeseen consequences that we will face better by remaining close to our European friends. — Yours faithfully,


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