When did you last see a PC on beat?

Dear Sir, — I remember in the 1940s at any time of the day and night, you could always see a policeman on his bike or walking, and the public felt safe.
It was nice to be able to give information or ask for help and it was dealt with properly.
They were paid about £2 a week and were trained in the old convent on Nantwich Road, Crewe.
The policemen were always shaved and smart, but it’s now no tie and the new uniform is covered with plastic and the label “police” on their back to show they’re not builders. The helmet has gone and the new headwear has changed.
It is hard to remember when I last saw a policeman walking in Crewe and Sandbach, and the police stations are never open.
Times have changed so much. — Yours faithfully,


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