Who committed hedgerow breach?

Dear Sir, — Lambert’s Lane is a neighbourhood relished and appreciated by horse riders, joggers, walkers and dog walkers alike. The trees and hedges afford sustenance and security for a diverse range of birds and mammals — a wildlife corridor.
Over recent weeks, a localised segment of the hedgerow has been breached and blocked off by metal fencing, as per the attached photograph. Notwithstanding that the breach appears to have been hacked, as opposed to professionally cut down, the opening further exposes the unpleasant sight of two substantial Seddon Builders metal containers.
Albeit the construction of metal fencing would advocate that the breach was performed by Seddon Builders, has anyone any explicit knowledge or evidence as to who perpetrated this breach? 
Moreover, if the breach was conducted by the resident builders, was council consent bestowed? 
I recollect that building planning permission specified that a clear 10-foot demarcation zone must always be sustained. — Yours faithfully,

Seddons declined to comment when contacted by the Chronicle this week. — Editor.