Wield a big legal stick at developers

Dear Sir, — I read the article on the front page of last week’s Chronicle regarding the non-existent footbridge from Astbury Place into Congleton Park with interest and increasing frustration.
First of all I believe that Cheshire East should wield a big legal stick at these developers. To promise to build this bridge and then renege on the deal is outrageous!
Secondly I am frustrated that the initial plans for the Astbury Place development did not propose to create a back entrance to this site into Havannah Street. 
This would have given the people of Congleton a quick and quiet route from Buglawton to the town centre and thus avoid Brook Street and Buxton Road. 
Morris Homes has built a cycling and walking route through the site that goes nowhere.
Cheshire East has declared a climate emergency but it is not looking at ways in which we can reduce our vehicle use and promote cycling and walking in a comprehensive manner. — Yours faithfully, 

Congleton Cycling Campaign.