Wonderful people helped find GracieĀ 

Dear Sir, — While on holiday in Italy celebrating our wedding anniversary, we received the devastating news that Gracie had escaped from the Hound Dog Hotel. One of our worst nightmares realised. 
As she had been missing for nearly 24 hours we decided that we must return home to join in the search to find her. 
We left Italy the following day on the first available flight and arrived home lunchtime on Thursday, 12th July. 
As we were been driven from Stoke Station we received the news that Gracie had been found and “Peter” was caring for her. 
We collected Gracie and brought her home. 
Wendy from the Hound Dog Hotel brought our other dog Tess home to us, greatly relieved that the ordeal was over. 
During the time Gracie was missing, we were comforted by the tremendous support from our family, neighbours and the wonderful people of Congleton who spent hours searching for her. 
Andrea, who we didn’t know, was always updating us and telling us not to give up hope. Sherrie, who knows Tess and Gracie well, was searching with copious amounts of sausages! 
Thank you again to the people of Congleton — you are all wonderful and we cannot thank you enough. 
Thank you to Holly who gave Gracie a check up on her return and also to Rae and Gemma who also went beyond the call of duty at Charter Vets, Biddulph. — Yours faithfully, 


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