Writers’ forum puts on a show

Dear Sir, — Biddulph has gained world fame for the Grange Garden and is known regionally and nationally for its flower displays, but fewer people know of the town’s connection with the moon, or it once having the biggest industrial unit in the world.
Congleton Writers’ Forum has looked south to Biddulph and presents its observations as a contribution to the town’s festival. Of eye-opening interest to all, but an essential to all incomers to the district, Congleton Writers comment on the town today and reveal some of its hidden mystery and magic.
Projected images and paintings produced by art groups that use St Lawrence’s church hall underpin the respect that folk have for Biddulph.
Feisty guitar duo, Dawson Dean – local men, with songs inspired by the Biddulph area – feature largely in this event, which celebrates the town as the centre of the universe.
Toe-tapping music and lively words for the ears, photographs and painted images for the eyes and a bar for quenching thirst combine to ensure a pleasant summer evening is enjoyed by all.
As ever, a warm welcome, comfortable seats and interesting entertainment awaits you at St Lawrence’s.
Be prepared for surprises.
Tuesday, 3rd July, 7.30pm, St Lawrence’s Church, A Sense of Place Biddulph, Centre of the Universe. Tickets are £5 from Biddulph Town Hall or order from me. — Yours faithfully,
01260 279159.

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