Covid-19 emergency service helping more people every week

Alsager Community Support Centre's Covid-19 emergency service is helping more people by the week.
Helpline volunteers have now handled 422 phone calls in five weeks and delivered 123 urgent prescriptions for people who are housebound. One hundred and thirty four people are matched with 46 volunteers who are helping with shopping and/or telephone befriending on a regular basis.
On Monday, volunteers were busy on the phones, too, taking 17 calls.
Support centre manager Liz Pinkney said: “Lots of people are feeling scared, lonely or depressed at the moment, and if that's you, do give us a call - having someone to chat to, and a chance to laugh, can make all the difference and brighten up your day.”
Praising the volunteers, she added: “It's a fantastic team effort and a wonderful community response by the good people of Alsager and district.”
The Covid-19 emergency service covers Alsager, Church Lawton, Rode Heath and Scholar Green. The helpline numbers are 01270 876605 and 873549.
Mrs Pinkney supplied the Chronicle with some of the feedback from volunteers on how they are helping the elderly and vulnerable during the lockdown.
One said: “We have managed to secure an online shop weekly so she probably won't need me to get her any shopping. We chatted for a while and she seems to be lonely and a bit worried about everything. She's not left the house as she has medical conditions. She said it was lovely to hear another voice so I'll keep in contact regularly by phone with her. B was also ok for food at the moment. I've arranged with her to get her garden mowed and her hedge cut tomorrow morning. Also I'm shopping for L today and popping that to her.
“I will keep in contact with them all regularly and I've told them that they can contact me any time.”
Another volunteers said: “I rang B's daughter first to introduce myself and to get some background information from her. I then rang B to introduce myself to him and get his shopping list. I went shopping for him on Saturday morning and when I dropped it off to him, we realised that we knew each other! He is an old customer of mine from my days of working in Alsager. This has brought him great reassurance and confidence. He also gave me two letters to post which I did on Saturday. I had a good chat with him this morning and have arranged to call him on Thursday.”
The helplines are manned from volunteers' homes.
Mrs Pinkney said: “As more people become newly isolated, they may be glad of our help. We have registered volunteers available to help with shopping, prescriptions and befriending during the current emergency situation, but our usual service for anyone needing help, advice, information and support on any topic continues to operate by telephone or email