'Inner-city condition' of cul-de-sac condemned

A 78-year-old resident of a quiet Alsager cul-de-sac has blasted the “disgraceful” condition of his road, which he said would be better suited to a “run-down inner-city environment”.
Graham Bailey, who lives on Meadow Croft, said that Cheshire East Council has failed to fix crumbling kerbs and broken-up pieces of tarmac that lie strewn across the street.
Mr Bailey, who has lived on the road for most of his life, blamed vehicles turning around at the bottom of the cul-de-sac but also argued that if the council had put more money into maintenance then the damage would not have been as bad.
He said: “Roads are bad everywhere now, but here on Meadow Croft it's an utter disgrace.
“The kerbs are crumbling apart and the tarmac is all broken up, there's no surface whatsoever. It's terrible, I've had people telling me that it's the worst road they've ever been on.
“It annoys everyone on the Croft and no one wants to complain, but we're all really fed up of the state of it.
“It's bad enough at the top where I live, but when you get to about 50 yards from the bottom, there's no road! Because it's a cul-de-sac, all the wagons turn around near the bottom and that's what's tearing the kerbs up. How the people down there put up with it, I don't know.”
Mr Bailey even compared the state of the roads to those in The Bronx, a New York City borough known for its run-down appearance, often featured in violent films depicting the gritty lifestyles of its inhabitants.
“I have lived here for 95% of my life and the council has spent no money since I have been here,” he added.
“Of course, Cheshire East Council was supposed to repair it in April, but that didn't happen. We've reported it so often, online and on the phone, and we're paying council tax but nothing gets done.
“We've seen some of the bin wagons putting in their own tarmac, it's that bad. But filling in a crack with a cold bit of tarmac won't do anything, the whole road needs redoing.”
The Chronicle asked Cheshire East Council whether it would commit to fixing damaged parts of residential roads like those on Meadow Croft but had not received a response by deadline yesterday (Wednesday).