No football before Christmas predicted

The chair of Alsager Town FC fears there will be no match action at Wood Park before Christmas.
Terry Greer's prediction came as the Bullets appointed a new commercial manager to try and attract new investment to the club from businesses at a time when many are still closed due to the continuing lockdown.
Ash McKenna, who has previously helped out at the club, runs Crewe insurance company Assurant, which Mr Greer said was interested in providing sponsorship for Town.
Mr Greer said: “In the past we've had two or three who haven't really got anywhere with sponsorship. It is difficult at the minute, businesses are struggling and so are we.
“Ash has got his own company and hopefully as things start to ease and business returns to something like normal, it will snowball from there. A few companies have said to go back to them when they are back up and running. Every penny that comes in helps. You can never have enough and you never know where that might lead.”
Stephen Browne Estate Agents has been one of Town's main sponsors but Mr Greer said the property industry, now open for business again, had been having a “tough time”.
He said of the future for the Bullets: “Personally, I don't think we are going to be playing any football this side of Christmas.
“The furlough period has been extended to October and I believe they will extend social distancing as well. I cannot see them allowing people into grounds until people can do what they want.
“There's talk about a July kick-off, but that's not going to happen. I cannot see that's going to change until Christmas time - but then you've got a pre-season after that.”
Mr Greer went as far to say: “It wouldn't surprise me if next season was scrapped. They are not going to start it in January.”
Along with other clubs' hierarchy Mr Greer had a conference call with the Football Foundation, the organisation that oversees non-league football, on Friday when the process of applying for future funding was discussed.
The foundation is responsible for handing out grants. Nine years ago, it gave Alsager Town £85,000 for a new clubhouse and car park.
Mr Greer pointed out that grants were only available if clubs, now cash-strapped, put up a percentage of funding as well.