Club donating essentials direct to workers in NHS

Volunteers from Biddulph Hiking and Mountaineering Club will be donating “essential” items directly to NHS staff, after a special session for health workers to pick up supermarket products had to be cancelled. Following the prime minister’s announcement of a nationwide lockdown on Monday as the country battled to contain the coronavi
rus pandemic — which means people should stay at home apart from shopping for basic necessities and doing one form of exercise a day — the club had to cancel its planned donation session at Biddulph Youth and Community Zone, on Church Road. The session was due to take place tonight (Thursday) to help struggling NHS workers pick up the food and hygiene essentials they need at home without having to brave
the supermarkets, where some shelves have quickly emptied due to panic buying. After Monday’s announcement, the club decided to give donations directly to the staff. A club spokesperson said they wanted to help the NHS staff after hearing reports they were unable to buy food after busy shifts: “The staff are coming off their shifts and just aren’t able to buy the things they need,” they said. “We have driven past Sainsbury’s in the town and have seen the crazy amount of people going in there.
“We put some messages out on social media and had a really good response from the community. People have been coming forward with sanitary products, tins, boxes of tea, all the essentials. “After last night’s announcement, we decided not to go ahead with the session, so we’re going to get in touch with some contacts at the hospitals instead to send items as donations. “It’s not a good idea to be handling cash and we need to be keeping every bit of risk to a minimum. Recently, it seems that supermarkets are starting to accommodate NHS staff more, so hopefully the situation will get better.”