Concern about 'unlawful' taxis after pubs reopen

A police operation could be launched to target taxis that could be operating unlawfully in the town since pubs re-opened.
At a meeting of Biddulph Town Council last Tuesday, Independent Coun Wayne Rogers raised the issue. The Chronicle has reported his previous complaints about what he described as “illegal touting”.
Coun Rogers asked Sgt Jamie Machin: “Since the public houses in the town have reopened, we're starting to get out-of-town taxis touting on the high street again. Is it under your jurisdiction to look at that or not?
“Apart from the touting, it's the illegal parking that is a problem and people walking around to the taxis.”
Sgt Machin responded: “This was a problem before covid arrived and what I said to licensing at the district council is that I am willing to support a joint operation. That has been put on hold now because of covid, but I did discuss it again with licensing a few days ago.
“The operation would look at targeting taxis that are operating unlawfully, but I am waiting to hear back on that and the district council has got a lot going on at the minute with the pubs reopening.”