Councillors are delivering urgent medical supplies

Councillors in Biddulph deemed “fit and able” to support the community will deliver urgent supplies to those in self-isolation, as part of a new town council initiative. The team of 10 councillors will assist primarily in coordinating deliveries of prescriptions from Biddulph’s pharmacies for people who are not able to access help from friends and neighbours. It is hoped that this will encourage residents who are staying indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic to continue to self-isolate. Chief officer Sarah Haydon said: “We are doing a lot of work with the local chemists who have been inundated with delivering prescriptions and we will do what we can
Councillors are delivering urgent medical supplies to help people. “We don't want to be doing weekly shops for people, but if there is something that we can help with, we will. Delivering prescriptions is the focus.” Every town councillor not classed as vulnerable has volunteered their time after they were emailed by the chief officer. Mrs Haydon added: “The group was set up with the best of intentions to make sure that people who should be self-isolating are doing that. People really need to listen to the Government guidelines and if we can encourage people to do so — that's great.” In cases where a councillor or a council officer is not able to offer help themselves, they will signpost residents to volunteers from a “growing list”. Independent Coun Wayne Rogers is one of the volunteers. He said: “This problem is snowballing, where chemists can’t keep up with the amount of medication that has to be delivered. So we have put a team of volunteers together to deliver to people’s doors. “We started last week. The people I have delivered to are really grateful that the town council is involved. The area that the chemists in the town cover is much bigger than I thought. I did 22 miles on Friday!” Independent Coun John Jones, another volunteer, said: “It’s quite encouraging, really, seeing all of the volunteer groups across the region offering to help people. “You see all of these news reports about people grabbing all the toilet rolls and whatever else, but it’s encouraging to know that people are still pulling together. If people don’t pull together, we’re going to go under.” For more information on the scheme, visit, call Biddulph Town Hall on 01782 297 845, or email
There is a list of Biddulph town councillors who are currently fit and able to support the community by coordinating the delivery of urgent supplies or providing advice. If a councillor or officer is not able to offer help themselves, they will sign-post callers to a volunteer. Anyone who does not have support from friends or neighbours, can contact these councillors: Paul Barlow, Biddulph South 07757 159757; Jim Davies, Biddulph North,
01782 514478; Wayne Rogers, Biddulph West, 07976 956602; Nigel Yates, Biddulph West, 07733 076519; Kevin Jackson, Biddulph East, 01782 515295; Chris Perkin, Biddulph East, 07805 782510; Jill Salt, Biddulph East, 07949 419647; Connor Brady, Biddulph East, 07446 244432; Charlotte Smith, Biddulph East, 07837 958096; John Jones, Biddulph Moor, 07747 775203. People can also contact the town council at Biddulph Town Hall, 01782 297845, or email: