'No excuse for uncut grass in dry weather'

A resident has said he has resorted to mowing grassed areas he claims should have been cut by the council.
The grass has not been cut for some weeks on Lynmouth Close and at Church Road playing fields in Biddulph, according to Lee Washington, who lives on Lynmouth Close.
“When the weather has been dry for quite a while, what's their excuse?” he said.
”The quality of the cutting is poor anyway. It's not getting done. They were here the other week and cut a 10m by 10m area and left the rest. What's the point of that?
“I regularly cut my own lawn and treat it with fertiliser. I don't expect them to do that, but they should keep on top of it.”
Mr Washington added: “It needs to be neat and safe for people to go on. The grass is at least seven inches deep and you can't see what's underneath. There could be broken bottles and people walking wouldn't be able to see them.”
Mr Washington, (49), who has lived on Lynmouth Close all his life, uses a Qualcast petrol mower to cut the overgrown areas.
He said: “They would get paid if they were doing this but I'm cutting it because I care about my neighbours. This has happened for the last two or three years.”
A spokesperson for Staffordshire Moorlands District Council said the grass at the site had been cut in recent days.
In respect of the overgrown grass, Coun Hilda Sheldon, chair of Biddulph in Bloom, said of those responsible for doing the cutting: “We have to give them a bit of slack.
“Yes, it's unsightly and there are a lot of dandelions but they are good for the environment. That being said, I'm sure they'll get around to doing those areas.”
She added: “It's very complicated about who is responsible for cutting which areas.”
Coun Sheldon praised Staffordshire Moorlands District Council for its efforts during the pandemic, saying: “Credit where credit's due, the council has moved its horticultural staff to help deal with the bin collections.”
She also praised Biddulph Town Council: “It has been terrific, especially the voluntary prescription delivery service.”
Coun Sheldon said the displays of tulips in Biddulph were “spectacular” at the moment and that the blossoming trees were “beautiful”.
She added: “I'm organising Biddulph in Bloom from my home at the moment.
“The trouble is we can't do any fundraising or have meetings. We just hope the lockdown restrictions will be lifted to put our displays out.”