Still pressing for speed limit signs

The campaign for speed limit signs on a “dangerous” local road continued this week, as a county councillor assured people that a project was in the pipeline.
Labour town councillor Jill Salt first raised concerns about the lack of speed limit signs on Grange Road in October last year, citing fears that “a large volume of traffic” using the road to get to Biddulph Grange Gardens could be dangerous.
She said in an email nine months ago to Conservative County Coun Keith Flunder: “I have been contacted by a resident on several occasions about a lack of speed limit signs on Grange Road. It's a dangerous road, with farms, slow moving traffic round blind bends and residential properties. The resident is concerned that there are no speed limit signs and wondered if this is something that could be looked into.”
Coun Salt raised the issue again at a meeting of Biddulph Town Council last Tuesday after she said that she had not received a reply to her original email.
She said: “There was a car accident at Grange Road a few months ago and I have been liaising with County Couns Flunder and Ian Lawson for some months about having speed limit signs on that road.”
Coun Flunder, who was present at the meeting, confirmed that the speed limit signs will form part of a list of future county council projects.