New card helps firms with their cash flow

Local businessman of many years’ experience Malcolm Roach, and sales consultant Lee Nuttall have identified that some businesses suffer from the lack of funding provided by systemic banks, and cash flow is vital to a small business.
Wincham Investments Ltd has now launched the Wincham Interpay Credit Card specifically for businesses.
Mr Nuttall said: “The Wincham InterPay Credit Card is fantastic for corporate businesses, both locally and nationally, to obtain a credit facility to assist them with their cashflow.”
The card has all the standard facilities provided by a business credit card, and also allows for funds to be drawn down to the company’s bank account within one hour, and repaid when funds allow.
There are no charges for the use of the facility, and up to 56 days’ interest free can be enjoyed in respect of credit card purchases. The card can be used in multi currency, with no FX charges levied.
Competitive interest rates are charged in respect of outstanding balances after the due date.
Application for the cash flow facility is open to all corporate businesses throughout the UK. Apply on-line at, or call Lee Nuttall on 01260 270241.

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