Businesswoman joins fight against inequality

 A businesswoman wants to start a “peaceful revolution” in Congleton by forming a local branch of the Women’s Equality Party.
Kay Wesley, of Mossley, is one of the founding members of the party, which was set up by presenter and comedienne Sandi Toksvig in April.
She said: “I joined as soon as you were able to. I got in touch straight after they announced it, Sandi is a great hero of mine.”
The party is led by journalist Sophie Walker and hopes to field candidates at the 2020 General Election.
The main aim is to fight inequality faced by women in society and quotes figures that show although women make up 51% of the population, only 30% of MPs, 25% of judges and 21% of FTSE 100 company directors are female.
The party estimates that supporting women’s equality could also benefit the economy and add £150bn to the UK’s GDP by 2030 if all the women that wanted to work did so.
A recent social media campaign saw new members introduce themselves on Twitter with a #WeareWE selfie. 
Ms Wesley, who runs marketing company Kanga, said: “We’ve come a long way since I started working but it’s thought it will take hundreds of years for women to have truly equal opportunities. 
“I think it’s time to stop waiting for evolution and have a peaceful revolution.”
“This is not only about women’s rights, it is about deep-seated attitudes, practices and habits and how we can bring about change to these through policy and action.
“I believe if we get more equality for women we get equality for everyone.”
She said the role of the Congleton group would be to hold local institutions and councils to account, as well as speaking on behalf of those who face inequality at a local level. 
She also hoped the party would produce local councillors.
“If we have people on the council who have equality as their main focus then that will lead to better discussions,” she said.
“Quite a few one-issue parties have done very well lately. The Greens have done incredibly well and have branched out from their initial policy.”
Ms Wesley said the party is unique in not being tied to traditional party bias.
“The party is bipartisan, it’s not necessarily left or right leaning, it’s not Liberal or Labour. The point of the party is to fight for equality for everybody.
“I’ve never been involved in politics before so anyone interested in equality and who wants to not just sit at home grumbling about injustice like I used to do, speak to me and let’s do something about it together.”
 Anyone interested in joining the party can contact Ms Wesley on 07711 459740 or