Council starting to dole out grants to small businesses

Local small businesses affected by the pandemic were this week starting to receive Government grants.
Cheshire East Council said it had received funding from Government, and it was in the process of doling out the cash.
Eligible businesses need to register their bank account details with the council. Receiving a Government business grant is a free and automatic service. There is no lengthy application process and no need for businesses to employ an agency service or broker.
For businesses that do not pay business rates by direct debit or qualify for small business rate relief, the council does not hold any bank details and will be unable to make grant payments via cheque.
These businesses are advised to register their bank details via an online form at and then clicking on the “information for employers and businesses about Covid-19” link.
In a statement, the council said its business team would be “exceptionally busy” issuing funds to businesses across the borough.
The council asked that anyone with questions, for example how long it would take for a grant to be issued, should visit the Covid-19 business pages on the website first, at as these pages were regularly updated with the latest information.
This will ensure that council telephone lines are kept free for emergency issues.