Horton bus not stopping at Rudyard bus shelter

A bus that doesn’t stop at a bus shelter but does stop at a spot lacking a bus stop was discussed at a local parish council’s January meeting.
Couns Helen Stead and Ian Waite told Horton Parish Council that a drop-in session with residents had revealed that the bus did not stop at the bus shelter in Rudyard, but there was no bus stop sign where the bus did actually stop. The clerk, Susan Clulow, was asked to contact the Staffordshire passenger transport officer to follow up.
Coun Roger Ball again reiterated the danger at Lask Edge crossroads. He said he had recently witnessed an Argos van drive straight over without slowing down or stopping and it was “only a matter of time” before there was a serious accident, he said. It was agreed that there needed to be more obvious lines and signage to warn motorists that they were approaching the crossroads and did not have the right of way.
Coun Norma Hawkins proposed a precept of £6,000. All in favour, with no objections.
Coun Waite had been contacted by the owner of Kiplings Cottage, Rudyard, who was having difficulty obtaining permission from Staffordshire Moorlands District Council to extend the opening to his property to enable two electric vehicles to be charged at the same time and had asked for the parish council’s support. Couns agreed to arrange a site meeting.
The chain of office was again discussed. The clerk advised that the supplier was unable to make new bars, as originally thought. After discussion it was agreed that the chain needed to be kept up to date and therefore it was proposed that the supplier be instructed to go ahead and order six new bars from the original supplier. The proposal was carried by five votes in favour, with two abstentions.
Coun Ball had looked into repairs to a seat. Markovitz Builders Merchants no longer stocked the plastic slats and the clerk was asked to make enquiries via the internet.
A planning application for the removal of two conservatories and their replacement by the erection of two day-room extensions, and the erection of a further extension linking these at John Munroe Independent Hospital, Rudyard, was opposed. Councillors felt it would be overdevelopment of the site.
In matters arising, councillors were told that chevrons at Blackwood were still not in place. Cutting back had still to be done on the hedges along Dunwood Road, as a resident had requested that this was not done on the weekend before Christmas.
Coun Hawkins mentioned that one tree was down on the plantation and another that was leaning might require work.
Coun Stead asked about the downside to cutting hedges every two years instead of every year. It was the consensus of opinion that if hedges were not cut every year, they grew leggy, allowing livestock to escape.
Potholes were reported on Heath House Lane, Blackwood House and Bond House.
Ray Perry had requested Coun Waite’s details so that he could be registered with the Charity Commission as a trustee representative of Horton Parish Council on Rudyard Lake Trust.
The minutes this report is based on will not be ratified until the next meeting of the council.