Pothole cash must be spent by March

Dear Sir, — I know I often comment about the speed with which time seems to fly by, but it does seem incredible that already the day has arrived for the wonderful tradition that is the Biddulph lights switch-on. When I drew back the curtains this morning I had a smile on my face at the sight of the sun shining: cold we can prepare for, with lots of warm clothing, but the incessant driving rain we had last year was just awful.
Walking down town and seeing the buzz of activity of stalls being set up by our willing council volunteers and others, ready for the stallholders to start laying out their wares to tempt us to spend our pennies, and Mr Warwick and his people setting up the rides that give so many thrills to the youngsters, and some not so young, I got the impression we were in for a really great occasion.

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