Pub and bar deep-cleaned after customer's positive virus test

A town centre pub underwent a “deep-clean” and a nearby cocktail bar was forced to temporarily close after a young woman tested positive for covid-19.
The Bull's Head, on Mill Street, reopened on Monday following news that a Saturday night pub-goer had contracted the virus.
A “thorough” clean of the venue took place before reopening, and the NHS track and trace team has since contacted people believed to have been in contact with the customer, advising them to self-isolate.
Rumba, further along on Swan Bank, was also told that the customer had visited the premises on Saturday night before receiving her test results. The popular cocktail bar had to cancel bookings on Monday, undergo a deep clean and test staff for the virus.
A statement issued by the bar said the customer “took the decision to visit various pubs in Congleton on Saturday evening prior to receiving her test result.”
The young woman, who is from Northwich and went to Sandbach School sixth form, was catching up with friends.
The news broke on Sunday night after a statement was released by the Bull's Head. It said: “A girl who visited the Bull's Head, Congleton on Saturday between 9pm and 12am has tested positive for coronavirus. The NHS track and trace team has contacted the people she was with and they have been advised to isolate.”
The pub assured customers that social distancing measures were always in place and that the positive test result would “not endanger any of our customers or staff”. It emphasised that it followed Government guidance on sanitising surfaces, wearing PPE and serving behind screens.
The pub said: “This positive test result only affects the people she was in direct contact with and nobody else.
“We will continue to ensure we are doing everything we can to provide a safe and secure environment. We all need to work together. We can get through it.”
On Monday, it was announced that the pub would reopen after a deep clean with “full measures in place to protect the safety of staff and customers.”
A friend of the girl who tested positive was also out on Saturday night. She told the Chronicle: “I know her and when I saw her, I gave her a hug.
“I think she was contacted by track and trace to say that someone in a bar she was at had covid, but she didn't have any symptoms.
“I think she was a bit na├»ve and went out, and then the test came back positive, so she made a mistake by going out.
“I feel bad for her, though, having the whole of Congleton giving her abuse because I think she knows that she ****** up massively.”
The friend had just landed a new job - testing people for covid-19 - but is now self-isolating. She said: “I'm meant to isolate for 14 days, so I'll miss the first week of work.”
Independent Congleton Town councillor Rob Moreton was in the Bull's Head on Saturday night. He said: “I was in there for a couple of hours and I thought that the staff were fantastic. I felt very safe to be there. Apparently, where I was sat was nowhere near the person who had tested positive. I think the pub has handled it superbly.”
Rumba announced on Monday that it had closed for the venue to be deep cleaned and for staff to be tested for the virus.
A statement issued by the bar said: “We were contacted by a customer who has tested positive for covid-19. She was in the venue on Saturday night from 7.45pm onwards.
“Unbelievably, it appears that the customer had been tested on Saturday, and then took the decision to visit various pubs in Congleton on Saturday evening prior to receiving her test result.
“Although we have had no contact from NHS Track and Trace, we have closed Rumba for today (Monday) to allow for all of our staff on shift to be tested for covid-19 and for a deep cleaning of the venue.
“Since we re-opened, Rumba has followed the strict guidance from Public Health England regarding social distancing measures that mitigate the risk of transmission of the virus, however as a further precaution we will be contacting customers who visited the venue on Saturday evening and recommending that they also have a test.
“The selfish actions of this person have unfortunately resulted in us cancelling bookings for today (Monday) for people hoping to support us through Eat Out to Help Out, however if you had a booking for today we will gladly extend the offer to any other day this week if you would like to re-book.
“Our house rules clearly state that if you are awaiting test results or displaying symptoms of covid-19, then you should not visit Rumba.
“If we all follow the rules, then Rumba and the other pubs and bars in Congleton are a safe place to relax and have fun.”