‘Rainbow of dog poo’ lies along Biddulph Valley Way

A popular walking route is being “spoilt by thoughtless dog owners”, according to one man who has painted the piles of poo to highlight how much has been left.  
Congleton resident Geoff Dawson has described the mess as a “rainbow of dog poo” along Biddulph Valley Way after marking the mess with red and yellow paint.
He has demanded a response from Cheshire East Council after he said he counted “at least 50 piles of dog mess” along the walking route, near Brunswick Wharf, off Buxton Road, Congleton.
Mr Dawson volunteered to clear up the dog poo, but was advised not to by a Cheshire East Council dog warden  for health and safety reasons. He then decided to take action into his own hands.
Mr Dawson, said: “I go around and paint all of them, it shames people, as well as pointing out the fact it is there.
“There is no response from the council. I went round on Saturday and there is a lot more dog poo, no one is getting rid of it, why has it not been picked up?”
Mr Dawson believes the Congleton stretch of Biddulph Valley Way is the responsibility of Cheshire East Council. 
He said Staffordshire Moorlands District Council has been picking up the dog litter, but only on its side of Biddulph Valley Way.
Congleton town councillor, Amanda Martin, said: “It’s a matter of social pressure. I used to paint dog muck, which alleviated the problem.
“We can’t expect the police to sort it all out, it’s the same with littering, if we all take action.”
Professional dog walker Abi Cuffs, walking on Biddulph Valley Way on Monday, blamed “ignorant people”.
The 19 year old, who runs Abi’s Ark at Astbury, said: “I have noticed the litter, but to be honest, there are several poo bins, I’m not sure how much more they can do, there are just ignorant people.”
Councillor Mick Warren, Cheshire East Council Cabinet member for communities, said: “Dog waste bins are located at both entrances to the Biddulph Valley Way in the Brunswick Wharf area and we would urge all dog owners to use them.
 “We would remind irresponsible dog owners that the council will take action for dog fouling and has the power to issue a fixed penalty notice with a fine of £100.If prosecution follows, this can increase to £1,000.
 “This particular issue was brought to our attention recently by a member of the public and, as a result, we have stepped up patrols in the area. The Biddulph Valley Way has adequate signage advising dog owners to be responsible and to pick up after their pets.