Foden’s Band releases Song For The Frontline

A local brass band has released a new piece of music, to raise money for the NHS.
National champion brass band Foden's said it was “immensely proud” to release their third Stay At Home banding performance, this time with help from “some of our incredible friends” who are risking their lives daily working on the frontline.
Song For The Frontline was composed during the lockdown, imposed to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Among many other consequences, the lockdown brought about the end of ensemble rehearsals.
Song For The Frontline was written by the band's principal trombonist John Barber to help raise funds for the NHS and other frontline services.
The music was recorded by band members individually at home with the premiere given on Thursday, 16th April alongside a video featuring colleagues working with the police, fire services, the NHS and within other frontline roles.
The band website says of the piece: “The music is a reflective ballad with a catchy motif that unifies the verse, while the chorus builds to highlight the emotional context of the time in which it was written. The piece is composed to be accessible both to the listener and performer hopefully allowing all the opportunity to take part and enjoy the music.”¬
To support frontline workers, Foden's Band is donating all proceeds from the sales of the music before 1st July to NHS Charities Together.
Find the music at YouTube, searching for “Song For The Frontline - Foden's Band”, and buy the sheet music of the score and all band parts in PDF format at¬