Foodbank urges stockpilers to think of others

As the country goes into lockdown, Sandbach’s foodbank has called for stockpilers to think of the others they are putting at risk. Operated by Sandbach Baptist Church, the foodbank has urged those who have been panic buying to “calm down” to make sure there is enough food on the shelves for everyone. The plea came following the closure of schools across the UK, which had already caused concern for local food banks now helping to supply food for children who otherwise would have received free school meals. Lead volunteer at Sandbach Food Bank Deborah Darnes said: “We contacted schools when we knew the schools were closing, to make up food parcels for the children who would usually get free school meals.” Mrs Darnes added: “People need to calm down and not panic buy. There’s always an alternative. “If someone goes out and can’t find what they need, it’s a wasted trip. Then they will have to go out again, putting themselves and others at risk.” She said the foodbank had the added problem of some of its volunteers aged over-70 having to self-isolate. As a result it has advertised for more volunteers and has already received a large amount of applications. Mrs Darnes said: “A lot of people have contacted us wanting to help which is good. We don’t want too many volunteers because we don’t want to put them or their families at risk. We don’t want to put anyone at risk.” She said many of the donations for the foodbank were coming via churches as they had been forced to close, but food donations were beginning to dry up at the time when they were receiving an increase in referrals.