Goostrey archive closes to public

Volunteers at Goostrey Parish Archive have decided to close the collection to the public because of the growing COVID-19 epidemic (writes John Williams).
It will not open as usual at the village hall on Tuesday and Thursday until further notice and certainly not until after Easter.
The decision was taken because some members of the group are of an age at most risk of becoming seriously ill if infected by the virus.
Several have already followed the Government’s guidelines and are in self-isolation and continuing research at home in preparation for the VE Day 75th-anniversary display in the village on the May bank holiday weekend.
But, along with other public events, the display is likely to become a casualty if the pandemic continues as at present.
Roger Burgess, archive chairman, said: “Given the age of the majority of our members and people visiting the archive, it would be foolhardy to continue to keep open during the present crisis.
“Indications are the spread of coronavirus is likely to get worse before it gets better and we will have to judge later when it is safe to reopen.
“Meanwhile, we will continue working on the archive as best we can, and if anyone has photographs or items of interest for inclusion in the archive please make contact and we will arrange to collect.”
He added: “We are sorry if the decision disappoints anyone who was planning a visit in the near future, but it was felt this is all we could do to help prevent this dreadful disease from spreading among ourselves and in the community.”
The archive, founded more than 10 years ago, has increased in size since a room was provided by Goostrey Parish Council at the village hall to house the collection.