Muller planning appeal will be virtual hearing

A virtual planning appeal hearing will take place next month into a proposal to build a discount foodstore, petrol filling station, drive-through restaurant, drive-through coffee shop, a care home and 85 new dwellings on the outskirts of Sandbach.
The application by the Muller Property Group, relating to a site off Old Mill Road, was refused by Cheshire East Council in August last year as it was considered the development would have a “significantly adverse” impact on trade in Sandbach town centre, outweighing the “small improvement” in consumer choice.
It was also felt that as the prominent site was an “important gateway to Sandbach” the planned commercial buildings would be of “standard generic designs that pay little regard to Sandbach as a place and consequently the development will not suitably integrate and add to the overall quality to the area in architectural terms.” The planned care home and 85 dwellings were refused as the development “will not suitably integrate or add to the overall quality to the area in character or landscape terms”.
The 33 car parking spaces with the care home would “fall below the standards set out within Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy” Cheshire East councillors decided, adding the shortfall in parking would result in on-road parking within the development “which would harm the character and appearance of the development”. Muller Property group submitted a similar planning application in January for the construction of 57 dwellings and the erection of a petrol filling station and associated convenience store, drive-through restaurant, drive through cafĂ© and offices, along with the creation of associated access roads, parking spaces and landscaping.
Cheshire East has since refused that application on similar grounds to the proposal that will be heard at next month's appeal hearing.
The virtual appeal will be heard in front of planning inspector Mark Dakeyne at 10am on Monday, 10th August.
Proceedings will be run in the normal way but with those involved invited to join via Microsoft Teams or by telephone.