'No evidence' in plan that village needs more homes

Plans to build an additional 35 homes was a “sad reflection” on the developer, it was said at a recent meeting.
Bloor Homes already has permission to build 190 houses on the Bluebell Green development off London Road, Brereton, but a new application could see that number topped up to 225.
A planning statement from the developer explained there would be “significant economic benefits as a result of the additional 35 dwellings” and that they were “particularly important as the UK looks to recover from the impact that the covid-19 pandemic has had on the economy”.
The statement also indicated there would be more affordable housing under the new plans. Currently 57 affordable homes are pencilled in, but that number would go up to 68 if Cheshire East Council approves plans for 35 additional dwellings.
At a meeting of Holmes Chapel Parish Council on Thursday, councillors “strongly” opposed the plans.
Coun Brian Bath had put together a comprehensive history of the planning applications submitted at the site for councillors to review prior to the meeting. It explained that the developer's request to build 35 additional homes was a revised application from the 50 extra homes it had originally requested.
Coun Bath said: “The planning statement seems to try to justify the increase in numbers by saying that 3,500 houses should be built across the local service centres, but does not take into account the fact that Holmes Chapel has already had over 25% of that.
“The application also tries to make some arguments that Holmes Chapel needs additional and affordable housing, but it offers no evidence whatsoever to support any of that. There are things we need to correct in the planning statements and the judicious way in which it uses language to make certain claims which fundamentally aren't true.
“I believe we should strongly oppose this application.”
Coun Rab Parry argued: “Our infrastructure and resources in the village are overstretched. There is no point in building extra houses that we do not need, so I strongly endorse that we continue to object to further development at this stage.”
Coun Michelle Boath said: “Holmes Chapel has already had more than its fair share of housing, without sufficient infrastructural improvements.”
Coun Mike Blomeley, the chair of the Village Infrastructure Committee, said: “What's such a shame is that I can recall Bloor Homes talking about the site being a showcase for their business that would demonstrate how a new development should look in a rural surrounding.
“It started off quite well in that regard, but they completely lost the plot by trying to force in another 35 houses and increase the density. I think it's a rather sad reflection on Bloor Homes themselves, to my mind.”
Brereton Parish Council is also expected to consider the application on Monday.
Holmes Chapel Parish Council agreed that it would liaise with Brereton Parish Council in formulating an objection to the planning authority - Cheshire East Council - so that both parishes were “singing from the same hymn sheet”.