Objections to latest plan for bungalow near country park

Residents have obj-ected to a resubmitted application to build a bungalow by a public footpath onto Dane Meadow in Holmes Chapel
Ian Moore has lodged a proposal to build the property on land off Bramhall Drive having previously withdrawn a similar application. He has also had other attempts to build on the site rejected by Cheshire East Council.
Holmes Chapel Parish Council has “strongly objected” to the previous “inappropriate” application and is due to discuss the latest proposal at a meeting tonight (Thursday).
One of the concerns is that the bungalow would encroach onto the footpath to Dane Meadow countryside park.
Coun John Clowes explained the parish council has objected on previous occasions due to the application not being in conjunction with the neighbourhood plan and because of the “over-development that Holmes Chapel has already faced”.
He said: “It’s an attractive area and this bungalow would take that away.
“At the moment it’s a nice entrance to the countryside but if this proposal goes ahead it will use up that land.”
In response to previous applications, the parish council claimed there would be threat to the area’s wildlife and natural habitat.
It said: “This area provides access to Dane Meadow and is crossed by a footpath. Although relatively small the site contains a group of mature and attractive trees, which provide a transition between Cotton Wood and the relatively urbane scene of Bramhall Drive.”
Dozens of objections were made when the application was last submitted and residents are opposed to the latest plan.
One resident of Ravenscroft, which connects to Bramhall Drive, said: “This person clearly isn’t giving up after being rejected several times, so I hope you as a council stick with your reason as to why you’re objecting!
“This is to be built at the entrance to Dane Meadow and trees are going to have to be cut down. We’ve had three big housing estates built in the four years I’ve lived here and there are still houses to be sold!
“Stop spoiling what bit of countryside we have left.”
Two other residents from the same street objected on the grounds that it was “good open space” and that was made good use of by local groups, dog walkers and bird watchers.
Concerned residents have also highlighted the potential danger if the bungalow access is by the footpath.
A Portree Drive resident said: “This is the most suitable access to Dane Meadow from this end of the village as it is not too steep and the path is well maintained.
“Putting any type of access across this path will lead to injuries and possibly to fatalities.”
To view the application or comment visit the Cheshire East planning portal and use the reference number “19/5867C”. The deadline to submit comments is the 29th January.

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