PPE has arrived for care home workers

A delivery of personal protection equipment (PPE) arrived for care home staff in Cheshire East on Monday.
The announcement was made by Labour's Cheshire East Council leader, Sandbach Heath and East representative Sam Corcoran and came days after he was criticised by a town councillor for not doing enough in his position at Westfields, the council’s HQ.
David Jack, an independent representative at Sandbach Town Hall has been posting video messages on social media in response to Coun Corcoran's daily video messages in which he gives public health advice and updates on coronavirus in the Cheshire area.
On Monday, Coun Jack said he had got Covid-19 three days after his wife, Nicola, a healthcare worker, tested positive after collapsing at work. In his post on Thursday, when Coun Jack announced that his wife had fallen ill and was rushed to A&E, Coun Jack said: “She's a healthcare worker who has daily come into contact over the last four weeks with people who have exhibited symptoms and signs and some who have sadly passed and from this virus.
“My message today is aimed at one person in particular, the leader of Cheshire East and his online blog today. He just couldn't leave politics out of it at all and had to point the finger of blame at the Government and the Tories.
“You talk about PPE shortages in the health service. Having been at Leighton today myself being tested for Covid-19 and being passed clear, staff assured me there is plenty of PPE at Leighton. What there isn't and if you'd done your research you would have known that there isn't enough PPE through the social care sector.”
Coun Jack added: “Instead of sitting in your high tower surrounded by your cabal arguing for Government reforms and the resistance to fight on in the shape of Labour challenging the Government and holding it to account you, as the leader of Cheshire East, could quite easily use your powers as a statutory authority to acquire and purchase enough PPE for the social care sector which you have a statutory duty towards.”
In response Coun Corcoran said on Monday: “Following a strong cross-party campaign through the Local Government Association, the first Government delivery of personal protective equipment for care workers finally arrived in Cheshire East this afternoon.
“Council leaders from across the country had been putting pressure on the Government to deliver what they had promised and, while some councils had received deliveries, Cheshire East Council has been left anxiously waiting for its first delivery.
“Thanks to the foresight of Cheshire East Council staff in procuring supplies of PPE a few weeks ago, Cheshire East Council has been able to maintain supplies to its staff and to care homes in Cheshire East throughout this crisis, but the stocks were running low.”
Coun Corcoran warned: “The latest delivery will help, but unless a good supply and distribution system is established then I fear that the supply of personal protective equipment will be an ongoing problem.”
On social media on Tuesday morning, Coun Jack wrote: “Following in the footsteps of my wife, three days ago I contracted Covid-19. I'm afraid overnight I've nose-dived with it and won't be able to record today.”
However after Coun Corcoran broadcast his Tuesday blog in which he referred to the arrival of the equipment for care workers, Coun Jack responded to the post accusing the council leader of “floundering one way or another first” and “blaming Government and then the suppliers”.
In his blog posted last Sunday, Coun Corcoran said: “It may seem like a straightforward demarcation - the NHS cures, Cheshire East Council cares - but Covid-19 blurs the boundaries. There is no cure yet for this new disease, but we can care for people infected while their own immune system battles the virus.”
Speaking this week he said: “Our carers deserve protection alongside their colleagues in the NHS.
“This crisis has brought home how much we rely on many workers in sectors that have been low-paid. When this crisis is over, I think we will need to re-evaluate our society and how our society supports those on whom we rely.”
In relation to his daily blogs he added: “As leader of Cheshire East Council, I have a role to play in passing on information and sharing ideas.”