Volunteer army’s street collection for food bank

A 50-strong volunteer army will be taking to the streets on Saturday for a town-wide campaign.
Members of Sandbach Round Table and Sandbach Ladies’ Circle will collect donations from residents for the town’s food bank.
People have been asked to leave donations outside their properties to be collected by the volunteers, who will be practising social distancing at all times. No doors will be knocked on and only items left at a property’s boundary can be received.
The donations will go to help the many families in the town who are struggling to make ends meet and feed themselves.
Anyone doing their weekly shop today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday) is urged to pick up an extra tin of soup, packet of pasta, jar of coffee or packet of tea to give to the collectors.
Sandbach Round Table chair Mick Presler and Ladies Circle chair Ruth Williams have successfully rallied a team of over 50 volunteers to ensure they can collect from all areas in Sandbach.
Tabler Presler said: “Most people will know Sandbach Round Table from the annual Santa float and the annual hog roast at the transport festival which raises many thousands of pounds for local good causes. Since lockdown, the Tablers have been looking for ways to support the community and when we spoke to the team at the food bank we felt it would be something that we and the whole of Sandbach could get behind.
“Sandbach Food Bank is in need of non-perishable food products and toiletries. All we are asking is can you put a bag of such items out for us to collect on Saturday morning? Social distancing rules will apply. We will be collecting in family groups and can only collect items left. We will not be knocking on any doors.”
When it was suggested by the Round Table to Mrs Williams, this year’s Ladies Circle chair, she jumped at the chance to be involved. She said: “It is a great opportunity for us to support the community. More people are turning to food banks due to the crisis and many people who may usually donate are not able to get out to do so. Between Ladies Circle and Round Table we will be able to collect donations which the food bank can then distribute to families in need.”
Mrs Williams, who works in a local primary school and runs a local charity, said she had seen first-hand the impact the increase in demand on food banks has had and said she knew how vital the service is.
Saturday’s street collection will run between 10am and 2pm. Details of the areas they are collecting from can be found on the Sandbach Round Table and Ladies Circle Facebook pages. If a road is not listed, call Round Table president Steve Williams on 07395 284013 and he will arrange collection.
Items that are in demand include tinned meals such as stewed steak, pies, stew etc, instant coffee, teabags, sugar, tinned vegetables, pasta and jars of sauce, rice pudding, tinned fruit and custard. Also toiletries, including toilet paper, toothpaste, sanitary towels, shower gel and soap.
• Sandbach Round Table and Sandbach Ladies Circle are groups for men and women aged 18-45, from Sandbach and surrounding areas that link into a national organisation. They meet to do various activities, from dinners to sporting activities, as well as organising fundraising events throughout the year and getting involved in the local community. To find out more, search Sandbach Ladies Circle or Sandbach Round Table on Facebook or alternatively email info@sandbachladiescircle.co.uk or info@sandbachroundtable.co.uk