Bogey cup winner

The Bogey cup is named after the eponymous competition in which the competitors play a hole-by-hole match against par (bogey). 
They receive strokes from par according to the stroke index on the card.
Unlike a true match, the whole round is completed, and the competitors record on each hole whether, after the receipt of any strokes, they have won, halved or lost the hole against par. At the end of the round competitors record how many they are up(+) or down(-) against par.
In a field of 108 players, Angus McCormick had a fantastic round with a score of +5 beating three players on four up: John A Hunter (2nd), Alan Lamb (3rd) and Mike Hardy (4th). Apparently, on the 18th tee, then on a score of +4, McCormick had told his playing partners that he thought he needed another win on the hole to win the overall competition. 
He secured the win with a birdie three by driving over the big tree on the left of the dogleg 18th, hitting a sand wedge over the tree on the left of the green to about 15ft and holing the putt.
Miraculously, the handicap master software can convert the Bogey score for handicap purposes, so McCormick was “rewarded” with a cut of 0.5 to a new handicap of 4.5.

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