Vets prove superior to Typhoons

Congleton Vets 7 
Lancashire Typhoons 2
With both the 1st and 2nd Congleton RUFC team games called off because of bad weather and poor pitch conditions, the Vets game against Lancashire Typhoons was the only one to go ahead.
The hardened veterans of rugby boarded the coach and supporters commented on the uncanny resemblance of the squad to The Expendables of the Hollywood blockbuster.
Before kick-off, the squad was shocked to learn that talismanic scrum half Andy Bygrave was unfit following a freak incident with a mop. However, Tony Spielberg stepped in at late notice to provide cover in this crucial position.
Confidence was high as the team started the day with an unbeaten record this season. The outcome of the fixture was better than Liverpool FC’s performance on the same day.
As the cold wind whipped round the posts and an empty Lucozade bottle rolled across the pitch, the ref blew his whistle and the ball sailed into the sky. 
Congleton displayed their excellent ball-handling skills and were soon demonstrating their control of set pieces and open play. An early scrum resulted in a significant injury to one of the Typhoons. A long delay followed while the referee reorganised the pitch to allow a shortened version of the game while awaiting the emergency services.
Both teams now played 10-a-side and it was soon evident that Congleton were the stronger team. The final score of seven tries to two was a convincing victory, with tries scored by Richard Bygraves, Hector Msonzah, Tony Spielberg, Luc Davenport, Josh Lea and James Carly.
Team captain and director of Vets rugby Darren Cashmore said: “We knew if we could just control the field position and possession as much as we could, we would be alright. I thought we looked after the ball well.”
After another strong performance from the whole squad it was decided that for team-bonding purposes a tour of local hostelries was necessary to rehydrate and relax aching muscles. The players demonstrated the same enthusiasm and energy shown in the match for this task.
The team have one more match before their annual tour. Concerns over travel restrictions have been cast aside. 
The squad are excited to be visiting Southport again and looking forward to seeing the lawnmower museum and other cultural attractions.