Opponents were Devilishly good

Buxton lost their second meeting in the space of 24 hours, losing out to the in-form Plymouth Devils 57-32 in the Travel Plus National League at the St Boniface Arena on Friday night.
Some bad luck in the opening heats left the Hitmen trailing 17-6 after the opening four heats. Corban Pavitt went around Ryan Terry-Daley to take the lead in the second heat only to then spin round and fall. Then skipper Tom Woolley was excluded when he was left with nowhere to go at the first turn, causing him to fall.
Ben Wilson got the Hitmen’s first race victory of the night in heat five over Richard Andrews and home skipper Henry Atkins for a drawn heat. The Devils took a 4-2 in the next to extend their lead. Connor Coles and Woolley took the minor placings in heat seven behind Alfie Bowtell before the Hitmen were stung by a 5-1 in the next race as Andrews and Ryan Terry-Daley took the honours ahead of Pavitt.
Ben Wilson took victory in heat nine before skipper Tom Woolley got the better of Devils’ number one Ellis Perks with Coles taking a 4-2 heat advantage, the first of the evening.
The Hitmen were trailing 37-22 after 10 heats.
Wilson and Lewis Whitmore finished behind Bowtell for a drawn race in the following heat before the Plymouth pairing of Atkins and Terry-Daley gained a 5-1 in heat 12 after Coles had lost control of the bike although he managed to stay on.
Both Terry-Daley and Pavitt had taken avoiding action, laying the bikes down, and Coles was excluded as the primary cause of the stoppage.
Wilson took his third victory of the night holding out Bowtell and Perks before the Devon side took a 4-2 in the penultimate race with Andrews going around Woolley to take victory and Terry-Daley taking third place to give Plymouth a comfortable 52-31 lead.
Perks and Atkins completed the meeting with a 5-1 in the final heat over Woolley to give the Devils a comfortable victory.
Plymouth 57: Ryan Terry-Daley 12+3, Ellis Perks 12+1, Henry Atkins 11+2, Richard Andrews 11+2, Alfie Bowtell 11, Macauley Leek 0, Bradley Andrews r/r.
Buxton 32: Ben Wilson 12, Tom Woolley 9+1, Connor Coles 6, Sam Woolley 2+1, Corban Pavitt 2, Lewis Whitmore 1+1, James Cockle r/r.National League points: Plymouth 3, Buxton 0.

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