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Surprise Chef are from Melbourne and play funky soul with some nods to jazz. It’s the kind of music you might find in a Tarantino movie, quirky but sharp, and with a real groove. But it usually makes us think of reggae dub plates, those sparse tracks made for other... Read more
Published on: 30-11-2022
This excellent album is melodic, loud, fast, punky and just the right length. Musically the sound is somewhere between the better end of early punk / indie and early Foals, when math rock was still a thing. There are some nice heavy rock riffs in places, maybe not Black Sabbath... Read more
Published on: 29-11-2022
This Belgian pop punk band channel NOFX a little (and only a little), from the sound to the jokery with nomenclature – Charlie Bit My Finger is a famous internet video (child bites another) – while Back and Fourth is their third album. The sound is solid, mosh-pit pleasing, sing-along... Read more
Published on: 28-11-2022
This is a nice EP, like really nice. Almost too saccharine, but not quite. It’s just about Americana / pop as opposed to folk, although Richy boy has a delicate voice and is often to be found on acoustic guitar; he adds other effects and harmonies to move away from... Read more
Published on: 27-11-2022
Young is churning out his archives at a prodigious rate, some of which are excellent, others for the completist only, as they say. This one is great and if you’ve got a Neil Young fan in the fam, this is one gift you don’t have to worry about for Christmas.... Read more
Published on: 26-11-2022
Flevans is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ and, according to his Bandcamp, with an “accessible style” that straddles funk, breaks, soul and electronica. That really saves writing any review, because that’s about what it is. Still, we get paid by the word so … It’s a really good album, nudging in as... Read more
Published on: 25-11-2022
Percy are excellent. They’re billed as post-punk, but they’re merely old school punks, in the sense that they don’t really care about conventions and have a good sense of melody. Don’t expected Damned-style sonic assaults (which were, speak it softly, always a bit rubbish) or more modern punk with punch-in-the-face... Read more
Published on: 02-11-2022
We played this a couple of times before anyone hit the nail on the head, and that was (inadvertently) a grumpy chum, repeating the complaint of the elderly that old music is better, but like a stopped clock occasionally correct, specifically, of Radio Two: “Every song was a reminder of... Read more
Published on: 01-11-2022
We’re back in the 80s with this; it’s very much of the era when Madonna was big, and so we get walking basslines, Latin percussion, funk, soul and people blowing whistles, the music simply for dancing and not categorising. If you’re a fan of soul / disco from back then,... Read more
Published on: 31-10-2022
Bonus tracks can be a bit annoying, a classic album ruined by the bolting-on of outtakes and demos you don’t really care about – but not in this case, the bonus tracks adding gravitas to what might be seen as purely a pop/dance album. The Communards formed in 1985 after... Read more
Published on: 30-10-2022
We liked Luke Sital-Singh’s early material but found his last album a disappointment, something that in turn was itself disappointing, as he can be good. He said thank you on Twitter for the poor review, and we’re assuming he was not merely being sarcastic but had a wake-up call, and... Read more
Published on: 29-10-2022
The title is the most interesting thing about this largely forgettable new album from The Kooks. It’s surprising that they’re still going; most of the bands of their ilk (landfill indie being that ilk, the term coming from the fact that people joked that most albums would end up as... Read more
Published on: 28-10-2022
This album is so good we forgot to review it; we played it and played and got to know it so well we thought we’d written about, but we never did. It is, as one might expect, really good. Mary James is basically a country singer, leading on her banjo,... Read more
Published on: 27-10-2022
The works on this album range over 30 years of composing for Clarke. The sleeve notes say that Clarke was 15 when she joined the Lindsay Singers, a female-voice choir in Dublin and sang during her time as student in University College Dublin and her PhD studies at Queen’s University... Read more
Published on: 26-10-2022
Muse are one of the world’s best live bands but their albums leave us a little unmoved; they all sound like Muse. Whatever the varying degrees of theatricality, campness or volume it’s still just Muse. Feel free to disagree. We know that sounds a bit like the Labour activist who... Read more
Published on: 25-10-2022
This is a nice little album for fans of dreamy indie rock and shoegaze (mostly without the volume), with elements of folk. You could turn to Swedish post-rock band Logh (pronounced Log) as a soundalike, or then again Martin John Henry, the Scottish fella who was in De Rosa but... Read more
Published on: 24-10-2022
The Black Angels play psychedelic rock that’s somewhere between stoner and space rock, with a blend of sounds. Opener Without A Trace has the echoey smack of Led Zep’s When The Levee Breaks, guitars droning solidly, the surprisingly gentle vocals out the front (a little Stone Roses) and the drums... Read more
Published on: 22-10-2022
If anyone tells you there’s no good music any more, point them towards this delightful and all-too-short album from Ohio songwriter Kramies (pronounced Kraim-iss). The album opens with the gloomily majestic Days Of, which has (in the words of the Press release) a nostalgic warmth, particularly in the chorus, which... Read more
Published on: 21-10-2022
Shakespears Sister passed us by back in the day, so we listened to this with fresh ears, and it is – as one might expect if they’re bothering to re-release it 30 years on – a strong album. It doesn’t sound too dated; a cool indie pop band could put... Read more
Published on: 20-10-2022
We’ve been fans of Death Cab for years – and they’re one of the loudest bands you’ll see live, despite the gentle songs – and at first play-through of this new one were a bit meh. Death Cab have a sound, they’ve gradually got poppier, and this is largely a... Read more
Published on: 19-10-2022