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Bungalows plan land ‘is far from redundant’

“It is deplorable to contemplate building on this small green amenity land” was one of the comments made by opponents to plans for the construction of two bungalows in Sandbach.

M&N Electrical Contractors, of Winsford, wants to build the homes on what its planning application described as “amenity land” that is “currently redundant” between Dee Close and Lawton Way.

More than 20 letters of objection have been uploaded to Cheshire East Council’s online planning portal, with many stressing that the land “is not redundant”
Among the opponents is Labour Coun Kathryn Flavell, who represents Elworth at Cheshire East.

Coun Flavell said she was so concerned that she wanted the authority’s planning committee to consider the application instead of planning officers having the final say using delegated powers.

In her letter of objection, she said: “I strongly object to this proposal and have called it in for determination by committee.”

She also claimed that the application “contravenes” Cheshire East’s local plan strategy, adding: “This is open space/amenity land that has been enjoyed by local residents as such for nearly 50 years.

“It has also, until very recently, been maintained by the council since the 1970s. It is far from ‘redundant’! It is a contentious plot that is currently undergoing investigation by Cheshire East assets and legal teams.

“It has a footpath across it that is regularly used by residents and contains several mature trees.

“The location, size and shape of the plot makes it totally unsuitable for development.

“It should also be noted that, while this planning authority has no power to enforce it, there is a deed of covenant attached to this land that prohibits building of any kind.”
Cheshire East’s planning applications web page said the applicant’s design, access and supporting statement was “too large to be downloaded”.

The application form said the size of the plot where the bungalows would be built was 720sqm.

Materials used would be red facing brick “to match existing exactly for overall continuity of street-scene”.

In respect of the boundaries to the existing adjacent properties, there would be a combination of timber fencing, hedging and open boundaries.

In their letter of objection to Cheshire East a resident of 9, Roman Way, Sandbach, said: “It is deplorable to contemplate building on this small green amenity land. We need green open spaces for our well-being, mental health and environment.”

Another objection came from a resident of 15, Rostherne Way, Sandbach, who said: “The application makes reference to the land as being ‘redundant’. It is NOT redundant land, it is open/amenity land that has been tended by Cheshire East for at least the last 40 years for the overall well-being of the residents of the estate. The provision of open/amenity land forms a key part of the design of the estate. The removal of this land would be hugely detrimental to the well-being of residents.”

A resident of 5, Tame Close, Sandbach, who wished to “strenuously object” said: “The green spaces on this estate are just that, green spaces, and are not to be sacrificed on the altar of profit.

“This estate simply does not need further housing which will be totally out of character with the rest of the estate, nor should we have to suffer the disruption of a building site adjacent to key roads and pathways for young people making their way to school.”

A resident of 70, Grange Way objected, saying: “This is amenity land (and not redundant land as stated in the application). When the estate was designed, it was built to enable green open space to enhance the look and feel and provide open space for residents to enjoy. I do not understand why this could possibly be built on a number of years down the line.”

They added: “This application will change the character of the estate, mutilate green spaces and if allowed would encourage shoe horning of buildings into a very small space. I would suspect this application is also not in line with the neighbourhood plan.”

The Cheshire East Council planning application reference number is 21/3502C. The last date for people to submit comments is 6th August and the council’s decision target date is 31st August.

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