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Hot dogs are woofing down new ice cream

Ice cream for dogs has turned into a howling success at a Twemlow farm.
Ray Brown and his family established Bidlea Dairy sell milk from the 300-strong herd direct to customers.

Now Orchard Farm’s enterprise has successfully expanded into making ice cream in 16 flavours – and man’s best friend has not been left out in the cold (writes John Williams).

The tail-waggers are now queueing up with their owners to lap up ice cream specially made from a recipe of doggy gluten-free ingredients.

Footpaths in the area between Goostrey and Holmes Chapel are popular with dog walkers and many of them call at the farm with their pets for ice cream and milk.

Mr Brown’s son Adam, who is responsible for ice cream production, hit on the idea of providing dogs with ice cream during the hot weather.

“I’ve been told ice cream is good for dogs when it is hot because it helps to cool them down,” he said.

“As far as I know, it is not sold for dogs anywhere else in Cheshire and the nearest place is in Anglesey. We have been astonished how popular our ice cream is and we have barely been able to keep up with demand.”

He added: “Customers certainly love it – and now their pets are lapping it up.”
The pooch ice cream treat is sold in £2.50 pots topped with an image of a bone.
(Photos: John Williams).

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