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Review: The Addams Family @ The Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent

Think your family is a bit dysfunctional? Have a look at the Addams family. It was never going to be easy for Wednesday to introduce her ‘normal’ boyfriend to the ghoulish clan. 

In this musical version of the hit film, Wednesday Addams is all grown up and has found herself a match a little at odds with her family’s values. This is the central theme of the musical, which at its heart is an off-kilter love story – but it’s not just Wednesday’s love story, it is also that of Morticia and Gomez Addams, Wednesday’s potential in-laws – and Fester and the Moon…

The Addams Family The Comedy Musical is quirky, full of humour and stylish. The talent on stage certainly makes the most of the material, especially Cameron Blakely as Gomez. His timing is impeccable, his songs packed full of clever one-liners and his energy keeps the show moving.

The humour and talent are integral to this show, with no notable show stopping tunes, instead there is a catalogue of engaging songs linked into the plot, often matched with entertaining dance routines. Again Blakely as Gomez has the pick of the crop with the humorous ‘Trapped’. Although, Kingsley Morton shines as Wednesday with a fantastic, strong delivery.

Joanne Clifton as Morticia is delightfully haughty, Matt Slack as Uncle Fester brings a huge part of the humour and engagement with his audience asides and slapstick performance. He was a great hit with the crowd as was the superb Ryan Bennet as the glacially-paced, grumbling Lurch who was definitely a highlight for the kids in the crowd with plenty of laugh out loud moments.

All of this craziness takes place against the backdrop of an impossibly well-designed set. One minute it’s the Addams’ spooky mansion, the next Central Park – and it brings a real sense of atmosphere to the stage.

This is a family show and there were plenty of kids there, even on a late Tuesday night, but it does feature its fair share of innuendo. Most of which goes over kids’ heads, but it is a little cringey at times – it is also a little overlong in parts, which might affect concentration levels for younger children. Although my 8-year-old companion made it through and loved every minute.

If you are looking for something a little different though, that will make you laugh, with top class performance and a good atmosphere this a great choice.

The Addams Family The Musical Comedy is at The Regent Theatre until April 2, book tickets online.

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