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Edan Beauty And The Beat

Edan (Portnoy) went to Berklee College of Music but dropped out, his website biography telling his life succinctly, including (he’s written it in capitals, harder to read, so we’re not):

Edan purchase haunted turntables deejay commit suicide leave turntables to Edan (true story).

Edan make song a lot.

Edan go to college to music it. School not so great Lenny Kravitz.

Edan live! concerting and people meet.

Edan send fourth album unfinish to queen of England. Queen of England giving tape to Mike Lewis in heavy pressure secret. Mike make label. Critic in magazine say Edan old school and glasses.

Edan in chilling hard in New York Times and The Wire.

In the same spirit, here’s a review:

Edan put out Beauty And The Beat in 2005.

Edan putting it out again in 2023.

Edan got Insight, Percee P, Mr. Lif, and Dagha to perform. No, us neither.

Edan liking the mixing and the samples.

Edan also like funk, soul, James Marshall Hendrix. And Funkadelic. Probably.

Edan also psychedelicing.

Edan sounding like many other people but Edan having style and panache.

Edan also clever, and having way with words.

Edan happy when NME placed this at number 392 on the 500 greatest albums of all-time list and Fact at number 30 on the 100 best indie hip-hop records of all-time list.

Edan’s album only 35 minutes but having a lot going on.

Edan still with Lewis Recordings.

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