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Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Social media means we’re losing our civic history

I was down in the Chronicle cellar last week gathering information for the two pages of old pictures we’ve been running in the absence...

One size education does not fit all

It is now almost two weeks since the majority of children returned to school following lockdown measures. And while for many families the return to...

No mention of long-awaited Bridestones plan in developer’s report

The company that has left Congleton’s planned town centre development untouched for 10 years has promised to “keep on building” in its latest annual...

We can do better than Beartown Way

One can only hope that the people who came up with Beartown Way as the suggested name for Congleton’s new link road hadn’t booked...

‘It has occurred to me that we should perhaps go the way of USA, where every state has a myriad of unifying symbols, to...

It has occurred to me several times over the past couple of years that there’s a deficit in Cheshire – that of county-wide representation...

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