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Election decision is welcomed

Local elections will take place on 6th May, the Government has confirmed.

Locally, elections are being held in Staffordshire for council seats, as well as neighbourhood referendums or parish council elections as required.

In both Staffordshire and Cheshire, the police, fire and crime commissioner elections will take place, after being delayed a year. Cheshire has no large-scale elections planned, although individual wards may elect parish and town councillors or hold neighbourhood plan referendums.

Coun James Jamieson, chair of the Local Government Association, said: “Local elections play a crucial role in our nation’s democracy. This year’s will see everyone in England having a ballot of some kind, with many places having multiple ballots taking place at once – this is unprecedented. Councils have been working hard to put preparations in place to deliver these with their usual efficiency.

“It is good that the Government has set out this action plan to help guide local planning for these elections. We are pleased the Government will provide some extra funding to councils to ensure covid-19 secure measures can be implemented for voters, council election teams and the army of volunteers in polling stations and count venues.”

He added: “Councillors make a huge difference to the quality of life of local people and how local issues are dealt with. It is vital that candidates have the ability to run campaigns so residents can make informed decisions about who they want to represent them. We look forward to seeing further details from Government on this. We also want to explore with the Government how all candidates can best set out their case for election to voters as national restrictions are lifted.”

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