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Not all accidents appear in official figures, says council

Not all accidents in their village are reported to police, parish councillors have said.

A recent meeting of Astbury-cum-Moreton Parish Council discussed the continuing problem of traffic around Astbury, including “frequent” collisions, road traffic accidents and injuries or fatalities.

The council said the problem was greater than official figures showed since not all accidents were reported to the police. The council had previously sent several ideas to Cheshire East Council highways and it had commissioned a survey that concluded there was little that could be usefully done, and the “minor” measures that could be taken would be very expensive.

The council was due to schedule another discussion and invite highways to participate.
Councillors also reported that users of Mow Lane were still unhappy with the traffic and signage that indicated that road repairs and drainage work would be done. Surface dressing was scheduled.

Clerk Carlton Evans was trying to encourage contractors to put forward multiannual plans for siding out and weeding along the A34.

In other issues, the clerk and Coun Liz Wardlaw had attended a meeting with Sibelco where questions about badger fencing and water/sediment ran off on Pitcher Lane had been raised. The badger fencing would be considered at the restoration phase. Hay bales were being trialled to slow the flow of water running onto Pitcher Lane.

Coun Liz Wardlaw has been in touch with highways about bus stops that were either dangerous for users who had to wait on the road, or non-existent despite being on the Cheshire East bus map.

The clerk reported that after an email exchange with Cheshire East, it had confirmed that it will grant the council an additional £2,733.39 infrastructure levy money, bringing the total to £6,833.47. This could be spent on a range of (infrastructure) items.

Coun Wardlaw said Macclesfield District general Hospital’s maternity unit had reopened but there were “financial and other sustainability questions” to be discussed.

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