Bank holiday treat for cycling fans

A cycling time trial.

Congleton Cycling Club is to host the 2021 Road Time Trials Council national 50-mile championship on Sunday, 29th August.

The event falls on the bank holiday weekend and, subject to Government pandemic travel and event organisation restrictions, could see some of Cheshire and Manchester District top riders compete alongside the best in the country.

The 2020 event held in the North East in October attracted 130 male and 28 female entrants, with Congleton Cycling Club’s solo entry Mat Stephenson finishing in a time of 1hr 57min and 14sec in 48th position.

The 2021 National 50TT event will be held on the fastest of the local courses on the Cranage/Northwich/Middlewich/Byley looped J4/9 circuit and Congleton Cycling Club hopes to recruit to volunteer marshals to enable to club racers the opportunity to compete. The course will certainly test riders more familiar with smooth Tarmac, out and back, dual carriageway courses.

A race booklet for the national event is published and distributed to all riders with start times, event information and local advertisers. If anyone would like to advertise their company for a small donation, or offer any gifts and prizes for riders, they should email the event organiser (address below). The winner of both the men’s and ladies’ championship race are awarded the national champion’s jersey.

In preparation for the national event the club will also host an open event on the same course on Saturday, 31st July. It will be the 16th from 20 of the Manchester and District TTA, and the Cheshire 50-mile TT events normally attract around 70-90 riders.

Anyone interested in social or racing cycling and time trialling or who would like to offer help with marshalling at either or both events can email or contact the club through its social media accounts.