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Shops weren’t notified of roadworks outside

Businesses in the Hightown area of Congleton opened up on Tuesday morning to the sound of roadworks right outside their front door.

The side of Biddulph Road was being dug up for fibre optics cable works, along the stretch running from outside Hightown Post Office to the Curtains By Design shop.

A Mossley resident, who did not want to be named, told the “Chronicle”: “They were sawing up the asphalt first thing and they were supposed to be taking dust repression measures for health and safety reasons, but there was no sign of any water being used.”

A member of staff at Mossley Pharmacy said: “The main concern here was the noise coming from the work outside. We get a lot of older people, some of whom are quietly spoken and we could barely hear them this morning.

“We never got any notice that this was going to happen, even though it’s right outside the front door. But people have still been able to come in during the day.”

The online One Network live map, which provides information about roadworks, gave details about what was happening on Biddulph Road, saying that the “utilities repair and maintenance” work was scheduled from noon on Monday to 5pm on Friday.

In respect of traffic management, it said there would be “some carriageway incursion” and that the provision of a pedestrian footway was necessary.

The company Fibre Assets was responsible for the work, carried out by contractor WRM.
They and Cheshire East, as the highway authority, were asked to comment.

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