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Children enjoy nice paws from lessons

Children at St Mary’s Primary School, Astbury, recently had a special visit from two furry visitors.

Candy and Buster attended school for the day to support children’s mental health and well-being and were excitedly received by all.

The children enjoyed playing with the dogs and showing them around the school. They took turns to hold their leads and looked after them, showing great care and attention.

A school spokesperson said: “Both Candy and Buster were incredibly well behaved and their positive impact on the children’s emotions was wonderful to see. Mrs Hambley and Mrs Hart, the dogs’ owners, both said how successful the day had been and that Candy and Buster had had a very happy day with the children at Astbury School.”

Pip Blythe, headteacher, said that not only had the dogs been well received by the children, but that the staff had really enjoyed having the dogs visit their classrooms, too.

“Both Candy and Buster had created such a positive atmosphere and the impact on both children and staff was lovely to see,” she said.

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