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Outreach zoo needs a new home for its animals

An Alsager-based outreach zoo is “desperately” trying to relocate and find a new home for its 25 species of animals.

Zoo2U is a family run business currently based at Hall Farm off Crewe Road.

It has been attempting to find a new base for “months and months” but with land like “gold dust” it has become increasingly difficult according to its owner, Melissa Mews.

The 46-year-old stressed Zoo2U was on good terms with the landlords but that they were looking to turn the premises into a cafe.

Zoo2U offers “unique experiences” to schools, care homes and children’s parties, while people can also visit to get close up to a variety of animals.

The micro zoo has 25 different species including skunks, 8ft long snakes, meerkats, parrots, owls, hedgehogs, bearded dragons, blue tongue skinks, tortoises, kookaburras, and “lots of bugs”.

Mrs Mews said: “We’ve left on good terms with the landlord. They just want to repurpose the building that we are in. They’ve changed their business plan and unfortunately, they need the building and want to set up a coffee shop in there.

“At the moment due to the pandemic it’s been very difficult to find a place to go. We’ve spent months and months, but land is just like gold dust at the moment.

“We’re getting a bit short of time and it’s ticking on, and we are a bit worried for the animals and where they are going to wind up.”

Mrs Mews added: “Going forward we will be setting up as a more conventional zoo. It’ll be open to the public seven days a week and we want to offer more of a community facility.

“Obviously we have Chester Zoo and other competitors in the area, but we want to offer something more affordable.”

Senior zookeeper Stacie Cornwell said that a move was timely because Zoo2U had outgrown its location at Hall Farm.

The 26-year-old explained: “We’ve outgrown the space that we’re in and we want some outside land to build on so that’s why we’ve started looking for a new location.

“We would like to stay within a 15-mile radius of Crewe. We’re in Alsager at the moment and we’ve built up the reputation of the business and we’d like to be a small, local zoo. We’d like to stay as local as we can.”

Anyone who could help Zoo2U in their search for a new location can call 07746 277 375.
(Photos: Zoo2U).

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