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Council submits plan to strengthen policy

Cheshire East Council has submitted its revised development framework for examination by an independent planning inspector.

The draft plan, known as the site allocation and development policy document, contains changes following four rounds of consultations with residents and local councils, and took on board a wide range of comments from the public.

This would support the local plan strategy, which was adopted in 2017, and would complete the approved framework for housing, employment and other key infrastructure up to 2030 in the borough.

The document sets out revised planning policies to guide decisions on planning applications, as well as identifying new sites for small-scale developments. However, most development needs have already been provided for via the local plan strategy.

The plan sets out more detailed planning guidelines, aimed at ensuring new development is of a high quality and is well designed. Among the revisions are:

• Retention of green belt sites, previously earmarked for development; and
• Strengthened environmental standards for new development to help tackle climate change.

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