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Are you and your dog a team?

When you walk around the park, take a look at the dogs and owners passing by. I think you will find a good numbers of owners are using their mobile phone with no idea what their dog is up to.

This morning, I saw a lady walking her dog on lead while tapping away at her keypad, oblivious to her dog’s existence. I could have replaced her dog with a brick, and she would have been none the wiser.

Is it any wonder if this dog does the same and ignores her frantic calls to get him back once he’s off lead?

Whether you know it or not you and your dog are a team and everything he does is a reflection of how that team works.

A guy walked past me today with a German shepherd that was glued to his leg.

Clearly this dog found his owner far more interesting than whatever was going on in the park. I discovered why later when I saw them doing recall drills in a quiet part of the park.

In ideal circumstances you will be the leader of your team and remember only the dog’s opinion counts. It matters not what you think just so long as your dog recognises you as his/her leader.

If you want to test that put him on a long lead and hold onto the other end (no winding the lead around your wrist) and walk along without speaking a word. If your dog trots along at your side with the lead dragging on the floor, he is acknowledging you as leader.

Wait until he is engrossed doing something he likes and call him to you. If he comes right away, you are his nominated leader.

Once you have leadership, training become easy. Without it you may as well have that brick.

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